Kuromon Market (黒門市場)

Friday, 4 May 2018

The final place we visited in Japan before we left was Kuromon Market (黒門市場), a shopping district with over 190 years of history selling a huge range of food, clothes and household items. Unlike most days where we would have breakfast at a convenience store or conbini (コンビニ), we decided to have lunch/brunch at the market so arrived quite early just before 10am when wasn't very busy.

Grilled scallops with butter and soy sauce: I'm not a fan of butter in general, let alone mixed with seafood, but Sharon seemed to enjoyed this dish. However, the scallops themselves, were really fresh.

Sea urchin (uni): The more you have uni, the more it'll grow on you. Previously, I wasn't really fond of it because of it's texture, but when the uni is creamy and slightly sweet, you know you're eating some really good quality uni. We bought this box (above) for about ‎¥‎29,000. We saw another shop selling the same sized box for ‎¥45,000 so do remember to shop around when buying seafood.

Eel (unagi) and grilled prawns: If only we got a bowl of rice to eat with the unagi because the sauce was a bit too salty, but very tasty nonetheless. The prawns were fresh and well-cooked.

Strawberries: A must try. Japanese strawberries are some of the most clear-tasting (if that makes sense) and perfectly sweet strawberries I've ever had in my life. I had my doubts everytime Sharon would get excited whenever someone mentions Japanese strawberries, but I can now see why after trying some myself. In fact, we bought and ate two whole packets at the market because they were that good. I can't really remember how much each packet cost, but I think they were about AUD$10 each (which is actually hella expensive for strawberries, but definitely worth it for the experience).

Fish cakes (oden): Sometimes, I'm just happy with a good bowl of fish cake. (No explanation needed.)

In contrast to Nishiki Market (錦市場) in Kyoto, Sharon and I liked Kuromon Market so much more. There was a bigger variety of food and the vendors were really welcoming and weren't finicky about tourists taking photos of their food. Don't go crazy trying to eat everything in the market, but do spend your morning or evening experiencing some good local produce.

Kuromon Market (黒門市場)
2 Chome-4-1 Nipponbashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka 542-0073
542-0073 大阪市 中央区 日本橋2-4-1

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