Our Osaka Airbnb

Saturday, 24 February 2018

After checking out of our onsen hotel in Otsu, we made our way to our second and last base in Japan: Osaka. Like what we did in Kyoto, we stayed at a Hello Kitty-themed Airbnb near Nankai Namba Station (難波駅). Sharon and I are not actually big fans of the Sanrio cat so it we didn't choose this room because of all the novelty. Instead, we decided on the room because of how clean it looked, its amenities and location.


Shortly after we booked our Airbnb, I received detailed instructions on how get to the apartment and what we had to do to collect the keys. Therefore, when we arrived that day, it was a very smooth check-in process. In fact, we arrived in Osaka 4 hours ahead of the check-in time (3:00pm), so I messaged our host whether we could leave our luggage in the apartment and she said yes. Saves us from renting a locker or having us lug our suitcases around the city.


While the apartment had everything we needed, the layout of it was quite awkward. The basin was right by the entrance with the toilet room right across from it, and then the shower and kitchen as you walk towards the bedroom. The whole apartment was smaller and narrower than our Kyoto Airbnb, but it was a very clean place nonetheless. The beds were probably the least comfortable beds I've ever slept on in my life because we could actually feel the springs in the bed base. (There was no mattress!) That being said though, I didn't have too much difficulty sleeping (luckily). And finally, just a little pet peeve of mine: there was also no sofa or chair that we could sit on other than the beds.


The Airbnb was within walking distance to Namba Parks (なんばパークス), Nankai Namba Station, the Ebisubashi Shopping Arcade (戎橋筋商店街) and even Takashimaya (タカシマヤ), a department store. It was a a good 10 minute walk if we needed to take the JR or other trains that were a little further up. I liked how that it was a little further away from all the city lights, but because we were living so close to Nankai Namba Station, we could hear the sound of the trains throughout the night. The noise wasn't bad at all, but you could just hear it in the distance.


Unlike our wifi egg in Kyoto, the one we got our Airbnb in Osaka was so much better. The internet connection wasn't perfect, as we would only get slow internet connection from time to time, but it was pretty good on most days. In fact, we had a lot of data left over from our 4GB sim card because we pretty much relied on the wifi egg for the remainder of our trip. The battery life was a good 9 hours too.

Although this Airbnb wasn't as nice as our Kyoto one, it was still a very comfortable one for the 8 nights we were there. We felt safe, the apartment had all the necessary amenities, and the location was good. We did have some difficulty throwing out the garbage into the shed-like garage that was at the front of the building (we couldn't get it to open), so we basically had our week's worth of rubbish piled up by the entrance (haha). We notified the host when we left, but the kindly told us not to worry and would clean it out for us.

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