Miramar Entertainment Park (美麗華百樂園)

Sunday, 8 January 2017

After going to the National Palace Museum (國立故宮博物院), we headed over to Miramar Entertainment Park (美麗華百樂園) by taxi. (It would've been very inconvenient to get there by public transport.) Known for it's roof-top ferris wheel and IMAX Theatre, Miramar Entertainment Park is one of the largest shopping malls in Taipei. However, it didn't really meet our expectations with it's overpriced goods and felt like more like a shopping mall for families on a Sunday. But saying that, we didn't go there with an intention to shop, but purely for the fact that it's a well-known location for Taiwanese dramas (my inner fangirl talking here).

For lunch, we stopped by Watami (和民居食屋), a casual Japanese restaurant on the third floor. We ordered an ice milk tea and a lemon tea first to cool ourselves down. I liked the lemon tea the most because the milk tea was rather bland.

Korean Style Rice in Stone Pot (NTD$180): Although it looks okay, this bowl of rice was one of the worst bibimbaps I've ever had. There wasn't much flavour, the rice was mushy and the just ingredients didn't mix well together. Whoever prepared this dish must've been a genius because they even put choy sum in it!

Cold Soba Set (NTD$160): Good noodles and good sushi. I'm actually very impressed with sushi and sashimi in Taiwan.

Assorted Chicken Rice & Mini Udon Set (NTD$320): A really solid meal set, but we were pretty full by the end of the meal and couldn't finish most of the rice underneath the chicken skewers.

I wouldn't recommend eating at Miramar Entertainment Park, but if you happen to be there, for the ferris wheel perhaps, please note that not going to get great food. But like any shopping centre, most of the food you get is so-so anyways.

Miramar Entertainment Park (美麗華百樂園)
No. 20, Jingye 3rd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei
台北市 中山區 敬業三路 20號

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