Hotel Relax III (旅樂序精品旅館-站前三館)

Monday, 2 January 2017

It took me a while to decide on whether we were going to stay at a hotel or Airbnb, but after looking through many apartments on the latter, I wanted a more modern bathroom so staying a hotel was our best bet. I eventually decided upon Hotel Relax III, a boutique hotel part of the Hotel Relax Club which houses Hotel Relax I, Hotel Relax II and the new Hotel Relax V. All hotels have gotten very good reviews, but I decided on Hotel Relax 3 because it was newer branch of the chain of hotels. (Hotel Relax 5 wasn't an option when I made my booking and I had only noticed it when I saw it in person in Taipei.)

That brings us to the funny story when it came for payment. I made a booking for Classic Twin Room with both and Agoda with free cancellations. I was going to keep our booking with Agoda because our room in Hong Kong was with Agoda, but I had forgotten about our booking with It was only when I received an email from that it was payment time (I think it was 2 days in advance), did I realise such fact. Luckily for me, I didn't have enough money on my credit card so they couldn't charge me anything. I know it was wrong on my part to have forgotten, but they should've have at least reminded me that they were going to charge me money by so and so date. Anyways, I eventually cancelled both my bookings with and Agoda and booked our room with the hotel directly. The two hotel agents also agreed that they will not charge me any cancellation fees as per the hotel's directions because it was actually Hotel Relax III that would charge the fee if I had cancelled completely with such little notice. The best part about this: I got a better deal booking with the hotel than had I stayed with either or Agoda. #score

Hotel Relax III is located in the heart of Taipei City and only a few minutes walk from Taipei Main Station (臺北車站), allowing you catch the train, high speed rail, metro and or bus very easily. ★Tip: Staying near a station with two lines like Taipei Main Station makes it very convenient get to places than staying near a station with only one line because then you would have to keep transferring all the time.

For the room itself, I was very happy with it. It was indeed small at 20sqm, but it was well-lit, tidy, clean and compact. If I had to make any "complaint", then I would've wished that the bathroom was bigger, but other than that, they had most of the standard necessities (except for a microwave) and even had free snacks for us to eat and masks for us to use. The beds were comfy and I loved how they had a window sill for us to sit on. (Their mini notepads were in the shape of a dumpling!) Also, the staff at the hotel were all so polite and well-mannered. We were there for a total of 9 nights and just really enjoyed our time there. Therefore, I highly recommend this hotel and would definitely go back there again.

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