Bye Korea!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

On our last day in Korea, we decided to have our last meal at Bonjuk (본죽) again and coincidentally, it turned out to be the most perfect way to end our trip because Bonjuk was where we had our first meal in Korea. We ordered a bowl of congee each and a bowl of pumpkin porridge to share. I think we overestimated the size of our stomachs in the morning because I was stuffed by the end of eating our savoury dishes!

I've been planning for this Korea trip for MONTHS, and although there were some things that didn't go according to plan, it was a really fun and fulfilling trip to a country I've been wanting to visit for years. But the fact that it was my first trip to a foreign country without parents made it an experience I'll never forget. Honestly, I think my itinerary was planned out pretty well because everything was spaced out and we did most of the things we wanted to do. Even though my Korean is quite limited, we still managed to travel comfortably and went from place to place without any problems. (I even think that my Korean got better because I was "forced" to speak the language, which was great.)

Honestly, our 2 week trip in Korea was such a good experience. But what made it really worthwhile was that it confirmed my love for a lot of things like its culture and language. (And cats!) With good food, friendly people and a place where historical architecture and modern buildings can seamlessly coexist, I can't wait to go back to this beautiful country. Bye Korea, 다음에봐요!



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