Wangbijib (왕비집)

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Having barbeque in Korea is a must, so after coming back from N Seoul Tower, we went to Wangbijib (왕비집), a barbeque restaurant located in Myeongdong (명동) and recommended by beauty YouTuber Katy Cheung. The literal translation of Wangbijib is "Queen's House".

We started off by ordering 2 servings of meat. But because waiter said it wouldn't be enough for 3 people, so we ordered 3 instead: two beef and one pork. When the meat finally came out, we were really surprised all how small the servings were—their idea of one serving was basically one piece of raw meat, so we were like, "No wonder he said 2 servings wasn't enough!"

The meat was tender, well marinated and well cooked. In fact, it was quite similar to the meat we usually eat in Sydney (and our meat is good). The only food I was disappointed about was the kimchi because they served fresh kimchi rather than old kimchi which is more sour in taste.

The service was also really good because they were friendly and attentive. One waiter even stood in between our table and the table next to us grilling the meat for us. For us, we're used to people coming to us when we need help, so the amount of attention given was strangely overwhelming.

It's funny because what I liked most about having barbeque in Korea was the grill pan. Most restaurants in Sydney don't have a place on the grill pan where cooked meat can "sit", so we have to take the meat off the grill once it's finished cooking and put it in a separate bowl (because the entire pan is hot). But in Korea, we could just leave it resting on the edge without worrying that it might overcook.

Ordering makgeolli (막걸리) is a must when we have barbeque, but instead the classic green bottle, they served the rice wine in a brass pot which I thought was a nice touch.

Even though Wangbijib is a restaurant mostly popular amongst tourists, I would still recommend it because the food was delicious, the environment was comfortable and the service was great. The staff even spoke numerous languages so there were no issues with communication.

Wangbijib (왕비집)
Level 2, 26 Myeongdong 8ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울 중구 명동8가길 26 2층

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