JJ Lin [Timeline] World Tour 2014 - Sydney Concert

Monday, 30 June 2014

If you know me personally, I'm a huge fan of JJ Lin (林俊傑)—he's my most favourite male singer in fact—but I've never been to any of his concerts ever since his debut in 2003. As a kid, it wasn't like I could just buy plane tickets and fly all the way to Taiwan to attend his concert. I could only wait for him to come to Sydney.

JJ held his first concert in Australia at the Melbourne Convention Centre in 2010, but he didn't make a second trip to Sydney. (Like, why?) I don't know why it didn't occur to me to fly to Melbourne to see him then—but my parents wouldn't have allowed me to anyways, so I just kept waiting (and waiting). I knew that JJ was going to come sooner or later because many of the most popular Taiwanese artists (like Jay Chou, S.H.E., Leehom Wang, Show Luo, A-Me, MayDay, etc.) have all toured in Australia and they didn't skip Sydney as concert stop.

When Chinatown Cinema finally announced that they were bringing him over to Sydney, I was ecstatic and I went to buy VIP tickets as soon as they were released to the public. I usually have second thoughts when buying concert tickets over $300, but I never doubted for this one. (That's how much I love him!) I paid $338, which I know is very expensive—heck, all Asian concerts in Australia are expensive—but I decided that it was going to be a one-time thing only. That is, if JJ ever comes again or if I go somewhere else to see him, I'm not going to get VIP seats again. I went with my friend Wendy and we sat in the second row of Section A, two seats in from the left (from the side closer to Section B).

Although I took a lot of photos that night, I enjoyed the concert very much. I did get the "put away your DSLR" gesture by a security guard during the concert (as opposed to the beginning), but despite that one rather rare incident, I love how the security at the Sydney Entertainment Centre isn't so strict with photography like Acer Arena is.

The song list for his "Timeline" Tour was also really good. JJ sang many of his most popular songs, like "修煉愛情" (Practice Love), "她說" (She Says), "學不會" (Never Learn), "一千年以後" (One Thousand Years Later), "江南" (River South), Love U U, etc. He even sang Savage Garden's "I Knew I Loved You" especially for us Aussie fans. (Savage Garden is an Australian pop duo.)

JJ was absolutely amazing live—he was really connected with the crowd and his voice sounded exactly his recordings. I loved how he spoke in English for a few segments, and kept asking the audience "High不High?" just to annoy his crew (heh). I even managed to shake his hand when he walked into the crowd to greet his fans. (It was so soft!) JJ is definitely worth seeing live in concert, and hopefully I can see him perform at the Taipei Arena (小巨蛋) one day!

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