Here We Go Again

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

This like my ten-thousandth time trying to start a new blog. Let's hope this one will last because the only "website" I've managed to keep alive is my Tumblr where I basically reblog everything I like. It's not that I don't have passion for blogging—it's just that it never managed to "stick" and I don't know why.

I'm always been a fan of Blogger (or Blogspot), but ever since they changed their interface back in 2010-2011, I stopped blogging entirely for a good 4 years. There were, of course, other personal reasons as well, but it wasn't until mid this year that I decided to blog again. Oddly enough, Tumblr and Wordpress were my first two options when I started FLFIONA but I ended up disliking them (like, a lot) because they were both very limiting in their own ways. I left Tumblr because they don't have a comments section; and I left Wordpress (the free version at .com) because they place a significant amount of restrictions on theme customisation—like I couldn't even change the font or size of the text! Now that I've come back to Blogger, and it has become my go-to blogging platform ever since.

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