Review: Pony Effect That Girl Fever Shadow Palette

Friday, 27 May 2016

Self-taught makeup artist PONY (Park Hye Min) is probably the most famous beauty guru in Korea who is best known for her unique makeup tutorials, expert makeup skills and down to earth personality. Pony is not only a model, author and K-beauty icon, she's also the makeup artist of 2NE1's leader, CL. Since 2008, she's been collaborating with Memebox to create some of her own products, but in November of 2015, she (finally) launched her own makeup line called "Pony Effect". Titled "That Girl", her first holiday collection is features an eyeshadow palette, a contour palette, four nail polishes and three lipsticks. I decided to buy the eyeshadow palette only because it was a bit expensive for me to get the whole collection—especially when I wasn't even interested in the nail polishes.

The "That Girl Fever Shadow Palette" is a small compact with 9 eyeshadows:
  • In City: warm sand matte and beige (matte).
  • Overdose: penny shimmer (shimmer).
  • All Night: matte brown (matte).
  • Beautiful Liar: blood orange shimmer with gold micro glitter (shimmer).
  • Ready To Party: deep purple shimmer with purple micro glitter (shimmer).
  • Drunk Dial: duochrome blue-hued brown shimmer (shimmer).
  • Just 10 Seconds: white glitter with indescent pink micro shimmer (glitter).
  • All That Glam: gold glitter (glitter).
  • Bad Or Good: matte blood orange red (matte).

My favourite shadows are: Overdose, Beautiful Liar, Ready to Party and Drunk Dial. In terms of pigmentation, they're not as pigmented as I had imagined, but I actually prefer it that way because pigmented shadows tend to be very messy (and take longer to blend out). The shadows don't crease whatsoever and the staying power is amazing—it looks exactly the same after a long 8-10 work day.

The shadows are contained in a hard plastic case with a snap-lock and huge mirror. It doesn't feel cheap and looks super sleek. But what I I really love is the colour of the case—it's sharp, vibrant and just pops. It's so Pony. The only complaint I have about the case is that it can get dirty easily because it's the type of plastic that foundation likes to stick onto.

The palette is not cheap though. I had to fork out about $48 for it, which is about $5 a shadow. (I bought my palette on Gmarket.) However, I'm not disappointed with my purchase because the colours are very versatile and the shadows are of good quality. It's not a must buy, but if you're someone who loves shimmer shadows like me and would like to to add some brighter colours to your eyeshadow collection, I think it's a palette worth investing in.

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