My Beauty Haul From Korea

Sunday, 6 March 2016

I think I went a little crazy with the amount of beauty products I bought in Korea. (But how can you not when you're in one of the leading countries of beauty innovations and trends?) I'm in the process of trying some products out, but I have gone through the majority. I'll probably do some reviews later of the products I really like. The above photo is my a skincare haul:

  • Biotherm Life Plankton Essence
  • Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Skin (Toner)
  • The History of Whoo: Seol Whitening Intensive
  • Biotherm Aquasource Rich Cream
  • Banila Co White Wedding Dream Cream
  • O Hui Extreme White Cream
  • Belif The True Cream Moistursing Bomb
  • Banila Co Clean It Zero (Radiance)
  • Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam
  • Skinfood Tomato Cool & Dry Sun Spray
  • Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask
  • Mediheal W.H.P White Hydrating Charcoal Mineral Mask
  • Mediheal H.D.P Pore-Stamping Charcoal Mineral Mask
  • Innisfree Second Skin Mask (Moisture)
  • Innisfree Second Skin Mask (Brightening)
  • Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask (Cucumber)
  • Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask (Green Tea)
  • Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask (Rice)
  • Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask (Manuka Honey)

My purpose was to find some good hydrating products and creams/serums to lighten my freckles. As you can see, the products are primarily from high-end brands because lower-end brands don't work for me. (Heck, even some high-end brands like SK-II doesn't work for me—so it's really trial and error.) I've become a HUGE fan of Biotherm (I swear by their Life Plankton Essence) so I also bought one of their moisturisers and got some samples as well (see below).

And with the skincare products I bought, I also got a whole of samples. We actually got a lot more than what is captured above, but I only wanted to show the samples I actually wanted to get, and specifically asked for. They include products from: O Hui, The History of Whoo, Sulwhasoo, Banila Co, Biotherm, Belif, Clio and IOPE.

In the makeup department, I bought:

  • Too Cool For School Perfect Day Makeup Fixer
  • VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh
  • Etude House Face Blur Primer
  • Innisfree Ampoule Cushion #21 + refill
  • Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact
  • Banila Co White Wedding CC Cushion #BP15
  • Banila Co Cover 10 Concealer #BE20
  • Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Stick Concealer #2-BP
  • Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer #2-BP
  • Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Pot Concealer #2-BP
  • Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow #07 Light Brown
  • Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #5 Sugar Brown
  • Etude House Color My Brows #4
  • Etude House Perfect Brow Kit
  • Etude House Princess Eyelashes #02 Longlash
  • Etude House Princess Eyelashes #03 Longlash
  • Banila Co Eye Love Eyeliner Pencil (Deep Black)
  • Etude House Play 101 Pencil #50 Brown
  • Innisfree Skinny Microcara Mascara
  • Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #12 Matte Pop Orange
  • Aritaum Mirror Gloss Tint #1 Melted Orange
  • Aritaum Mirror Gloss Tint #14 Pink Lemonade
  • VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Moisture #607 Ironica
  • Oops My Lip Tint Pack (Lovely Peach)
  • Oops My Lip Tint Pack (Pure Pink)
  • Oops My Lip Tint Pack (Vivid Scarlet)
  • 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color #3 Zoom In
  • Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick #9 Dandelion Coral
  • Etude House Play 101 Stick #04
  • Etude House Play 101 Stick #10
  • Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff
  • Innisfree Makeup Air Magic Puff
  • Nature Republic Nature's Deco Lip & Concealer Brush
  • Aritaum Mono Eyes Eyeshadows #108, #92, #107, #116, #24, #63

Phew, that was a longer list than I had imagined! Out of the products I've tried, I love the lipsticks the most because all of them turned out to be really good—especially the Aritaum and Mamonde ones. Also, it was never my intention to get all 3 Kill Cover Pro Artist concealers in liquid, pot and stick form. I only wanted the liquid one and a pot one, but bought the stick one instead thinking it was the liquid one. I couldn't return it either, so I got left with all 3 types. However, as much as I love the fact that Clio's face products have really high coverage, I'm still trying to find a concealer that doesn't make my under eyes crease. (Like NOTHING has worked.) Finally, a shout out to Etude House's Play 101 line—such amazing products at such a low price.

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