Review: Dolly Wink Eye Shadow

Sunday, 8 November 2015

I've tried a few eyeshadows palettes (Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Maybelline, Sigma, Rimmel, Benefit), but I always find myself coming back to my Dolly Wink ones. It's the palettes I use for my everyday makeup look—they're not perfect but they're shadows that won't crease or run down my eyes by the end of the day. The palette I have here is in 01 Brown, but I've also got it in 02 Smokey Brown as well.

I bought this palette for about $20, which is a bit pricey for 4 shadows only, but if you want a basic palette for everyday wear (school, work, etc), it's well worth the money. (I bought the palette well over a year ago, and it's only just recently that I hit the pan for the highlight colour.)

The eyeshadows come in a very small plastic compact, with a brush applicator inside. However, the packaging is actually the only complaint I have about this product. It feels cheap and flimsy—the lid came off after a few months of use and it can no longer be reattached (this actually happened to both my palettes). However, I'm not too concerned about it now because I've depotted my shadows already. But if you're someone who prefers to just bring one palette while travelling, do bear in mind that being careful doesn't work. I don't even know how mine broke off, I just opened it one day and the lid just gave way.

From left to right:
  1. A (a light orange shadow with hint of gold)
  2. B (a highlight shadow with a gold/yellow undertone)
  3. C (an cool red brown shadow)
  4. D (a dark ash brown shadow).
When I first used this palette, I was very intimated by shade A, but now I love it because it's a great all over lid colour that really brightens up my eyes. However, my most favourite shade is shade B because I prefer using a highlighter with a bit of gold/yellow undertone as it looks more natural on me than a cool white shimmer. Rather than using shade C to line my bottom lash line, I use it as a contouring shade on the outer V of my eyes. Shade D is a very dark brown so it's good for creating depth or even a natural smokey eye look—especially for those with double eyelids.

The shadows are not very pigmented with one swatch, but it is buildable. I actually like shadows that are not too pigmented because then I won't have to spend so much time blending it out. Besides, these shadows aim to give you a natural look. The texture of the powder is very smooth, but what I like most about these shadows, as mentioned above, is that they don't crease nor run or transfer during the day. Do note that these shadows all have shimmer in them. The one with the least shimmer is shade D. So if you're someone who loves matte shadows, I'd stay clear of this palette.

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